Mini Biography

Date of Birth : 29 June 1992 , Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Name : Adam Manucharian
Nickname : Adam
Height : 5' 7
Sign : Cancer
Hair : Dark Brown Hair

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Adam G. Sevani, best recognized as Moose in some Step Up movies, is an American actor and dancer of Armenian and Italian descent. His notable curly hair and killer dance moves have put him in the spotlight, alongside fellow actors .... Read More

Adam Sevani Quotes

"‘Step Up 3D’ is probably the best dance movie ever made. That’s probably all I need to say."
"I'm part Armenian and part Italian. I have blood from everywhere!"
"It was really relaxed and fun. Everyone was saying jokes and cracking up. It was just so much fun!" (on the set of Step Up 2)
"I feel like I’m already progressing and being a better entertainer the more I hang out with these older people."
"If I don’t dance for a month, I feel like I’m missing out on something."
"I used to eat spiders when I was younger…"
"I have an obsession with gummy bears."
"I don’t have an alarm clock. My body wakes up when it’s the right time."
"I love to make music, I love to play drums…I love to paint…I just love the creative stuff!"
"I would love to go underwater...I’d love to go scuba diving! Or just to have a house underwater or something like that…"
"Just a really cool, down to earth, funny girl who likes similar things to me." (on the qualities he is looking for in a girl)
"Luckily I haven’t had any stalkers yet…I had some girls follow me to my house which was a bit weird but nothing serious…"
"I actually choreographed NLT’s new video but I wouldn’t choreographed everyone’s music video. I’d have to really like the song"
"I think dancing is a hobby and acting is the profession I’d like to have."
"Dancing is something I love to do but I think it’s not something that I would want to do for the rest of my life."
"People think that that was the first time I’ve acted, but I’ve been acting for about 4 years."
"I do all sorts of dance, but free styling is my favourite; just letting my body move to the music."
"I think there are no worst parts! Except back aches, the best part is that it’s a good feeling!" (on dancing)
"My dad was a professional dancer so I got into it."
"Basically I grew up around dance and art. Where I live, it’s more commercial and arty than sporty."
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